Asset Health staff works with clients, their employees, and our in-house teams to develop, implement and communicate our wellness programs and strategies. Our commitment is to serve our clients and their employees by going the extra mile and exceeding expectations.

Account Managers

Our professional team of engaged and responsive Account Managers works with our clients on strategic program planning and the development of current, ongoing and future wellness strategies. Account Managers serve specific clients as the primary point of contact for management and fulfillment of the specific client service needs, including a full suite of reporting and communications.

Clinical Staff/Nurses

Registered nurses monitor, encourage and facilitate employee goals for becoming healthier and reducing their health risks and health care costs. Clinical support for employees with health risks may be supplemented with compassionate phone calls, education, online resources and activities. Our clinical team helps your employees stay engaged, keeping their personal health and wellness challenges in perspective to facilitate positive change and improved health outcomes.

Health Coaches

When performed onsite, Lifestyle and Wellness Management coaching presents additional opportunities for the participant learning experience. Face-to-face sessions enhance the coaching experience allowing a visual component to accompany discussions surrounding the ways in which lifestyle behavior changes can impact individual health and overall wellbeing.


Our team of professional writers and artists create and design client communications, email campaigns, motivational fliers, and newsletters, conveying information and messages through engaging language and images. Because the program needs of our client employers are different, we develop communications that are exclusively and distinctively theirs.


Asset Health discovers and employs the best talent to imagine, create, and maintain IP and technological services. Staying up-to-date with developments in technology and the health care industry is essential to keep Asset Health's offerings relevant and engaging. Our close-knit design and development team actively communicates throughout project cycles to realize the maximum potential of every endeavor. The team's experience stretches across the multitude of applications, web and scripting languages—from traditional art to interactive game development—aiming to exceed client expectations on all fronts.

Quality Assurance

Significant elements of our interactive programs revolve around Quality Assurance—from design to development to program implementation. We emphasize a strict Quality Assurance process every step of the way. This includes, among other processes, peer review, cross-departmental collaboration, and product level user testing and environments.