Unhealthy Habits and Behaviors Lead to High Health Care Costs and Lost Productivity

Runaway health care costs and the ever-changing landscape of health care reform are squeezing company profits and the employer-employee relationship. Also hijacking revenue is the significant price companies pay for unhealthy employees—it reaches far beyond direct health insurance costs. The fact is there are eight risky behaviors, all of which can be modified. These behaviors lead to 15 chronic conditions that account for 80 percent of all medical costs. Nearly 50 percent of Americans have one or more chronic conditions, most of which are preventable through changed behavior and healthy lifestyles.

Be Smart about Managing Health Care Costs

The average medical cost for an employee with one or more chronic conditions is five times greater than the cost for a healthy employee. The reality is that healthier employees are more focused, engaged, productive, and resilient, and have fewer lost workdays. More than ever before, enlightened human resource professionals and senior management are turning to corporate health and wellness programs as a central strategy to improve employee health, boost productivity, reduce health care costs and effectively increase the total value of employee reward. Employee good health is an essential asset of the business and the employee's most valuable financial asset.

Asset Health Does the Work

Asset Health is a recognized leader and an innovator in knowledge management and health care strategy. Building off of our 35 years of experience in the health care industry, we have developed a fully integrated health care management system that empowers employees to take active responsibility for their health while focusing on health care cost management and value creation. When employees learn about the powerful connections between their quality of life, health, lifestyle behaviors and health care costs, a culture of wellness can take root. Our thriving initiatives are born of our team's vision, intellect and creativity. Our proprietary Health Assessment, online courses, creative strategies and wellness rewards are proven to ignite employee engagement and enthusiasm.

Our Passion is Cultivating Wellness

We are ready to listen, assess our clients' needs, and develop a best practice wellness program with our clients' best interests at heart. Our attentive team helps our clients stay ahead of the competition, understand the intricacies of federal health care law, and strengthen corporate wellbeing. We are passionate about providing employees with the best tools to support their good health, reduce their health risks, and cultivate a happier, more productive workforce. Healthier and happier employees create better outcomes for everyone, a healthy investment return, and greater profitability and business value.