Good Health is Good Business

When you build wellness into the heart of your company, everyone benefits. Fostering a culture of workplace wellness creates healthier employees while bolstering corporate wellbeing. Good health, quality health care and health care security for the future are the most intimate and passionate form of reward for your employees. When you invest in their health, you are enriching a significant company asset, and your company's balance sheet reaps the benefits. Asset Health's strategic delivery of plan design is leveraged to optimize return on your investment and the creation of value. Our nationally recognized wellness program fully complies with and actively solves for ACA regulations. It effectively helps identify, address and reduce employee health risks before they become significant medical expenses. Moreover, there are new ACA tax incentives for employee wellness programs and increased reward incentives for employees. Our knowledge management applications directly address program design challenges. The astute structuring of the financial incentives can help you to offset increasing health care costs, which continue to rise in the marketplace.

Our Wellness Programs are Effective, Simple and Affordable

Working with Asset Health creates an active return on company value through ongoing:

  • Strengthening of employee relations
  • Enhancement of employee engagement
  • Reduction of rates of employee illness, injuries and sick leave
  • Decreasing of absenteeism
  • Aid to employers in recruiting and retaining talented employees
  • Minimization of health care costs
  • Increasing of productivity
  • Staying ahead of the competition