Curriculum Advisory Board

Medical Experts

Medical consultants from various health disciplines ensure the accuracy of all elements of our health information, platform and programming. Our team of medical experts is based at major, top-ranking universities and hospitals.

Financial and Legal Consultants

Certified public accountants, financial analysts and planners review course content, tests and other products for accuracy and compliance with ever-changing health and government regulations.

Wellness Consultants

Subject matter experts in various fields provide and review course content, interactive tools and programming to ensure effectiveness, accuracy and updated health information.

Behavioral/Cognitive Science Consultants

Consultants from top-ranked universities advise our staff and clinicians on subjects relating to behaviors and cognitive science. Asset Health strategies, initiatives, courses, programming—and your employees' success at becoming healthier—benefit from consultant expertise and research involving intelligence, knowledge representation, memory retrieval, problem solving, reasoning, judgment and decision-making.

Asset Health Consultants

We are fortunate to have in-house consultants who are recognized for their leadership and expertise in benefit plan design, communications, employee engagement, and the implementation of successful, employee health care and income protection programs. Our professional staff and state-of-the-art support systems enable us to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of our clients, from mid-size employers to the Fortune 500.