About Asset Health

Asset Health acts as your true business partner and an agent of cultural change. We are passionately dedicated to designing, developing and executing superior total health care management programs that create healthier and happier employees and substantial value for our clients. We are all about our message: "Your health is your most valuable asset.®"

Like a thriving tree, the wellness we promote keeps employee populations growing healthier, flourishing in their personal lives and on the job. Our multi-tier platform supports all-around employee health and wellness and even extends to their families. Our creative engagement strategies and workplace wellness initiatives reduce employees' health risks, improve their quality of life, and generate a healthier corporate culture and value. Through the active culture of individual responsibility, we deliver clear and consistent messages that drive recognition and understanding that individual health is each employee's greatest financial asset.

We are passionate about empowering our clients with innovative health and wellness initiatives that engage employees, cultivate a healthier workforce and reduce health care cost increases. Our key vision is to remain an industry leader in driving top quality health education, wellness tools and client services for optimal health, wellness and productivity outcomes.


Our leadership and innovation in developing thriving corporate wellness programs stems from our extensive experience in health care. In 1983, David E. Wilson founded FlexBen Corporation, which was designed to help working Americans achieve greater control and value in health care. FlexBen successfully impacted health care benefits and engagement for millions of working Americans. In 2005, David and Robert A. Wilson launched Asset Health, a growing corporate wellness company dedicated to improving employee health and wellbeing through active patient knowledge and engagement.